5 No Prep Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas

Rushing out the door in the morning? Here are 5 gluten-free breakfast ideas you can grab on your way out.

1. Larabar fruit & nut bars

Larabar fruit & nut bars for great for a lot of reasons, with the most important reason being they are gluten free like a lot of the other Larabar products. I also like Larabars because they use really simple ingredients without a ton of (or any) added sugar like a lot of other breakfast bars tend to have. All of their bars have less than 9 ingredients, most only containing 3-6 ingredients, making it a great, simple breakfast idea. I love it when I can actually recognize all the names of the ingredients that are put in my food. Larabar also has protocols in place to avoid gluten cross contamination.

2. Magic Spoon cereal

You may not have heard of this brand, but once you have I promise you will want to try all of their cereals. Magic Spoon cereals are a delicious, gluten-free, and healthier replacement for the common brands you might find in the grocery store. Plus, all their cereals are sugar free so you won’t have that sugar crash late in the morning! From Reece’s Puffs to Fruit Loop look a likes, they have all of the replacements you could ask for. If you’re looking for a cereal that you can find in almost any grocery store and that is naturally gluten-free, try either Chex or Honey Nut Cheerios from General Mills.

3. MUSH overnight oats

I used to not be a fan of overnight oats, but once I tried mush I was obsessed! MUSH overnight oats come ready to go and are sold in 6 different flavors including blueberry, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, apple cinnamon and more! You can typically find them in the refrigerated section at your local grocery store. If you have Celiac Disease, oats can be a “yellow” food due to the fact that they are oftentimes made in the same factories as grains, making them not Celiac friendly. Mush however is certified gluten free, meaning that the company takes extra precautions to protect them from gluten cross contamination.

4. Frozen gluten-free waffles

When I worked night shift, protein packed frozen waffles were a staple for me. They were easy to pack in my lunch bag or store in the freezer at work. If I was having a crazy shift, I could just pop one in the toaster and have a filling snack. My favorite gluten-free waffles are the buckwheat wildberry from Nature’s Path. They also have blueberry, dark chocolate chip, homestyle, and so many more. Not to mention, they have pumpkin spice in the fall time! Here is a link to their gluten-free waffles. Vans is another good brand with several gluten free waffle choices. Keep in mind that if you do have Celiac Disease that shared toaster could be a source of cross contamination!

5. Noka smoothie pouch

If you love smoothies but don’t have time to make them in the morning, you have to try these. Noka smoothie pouches are organic, contain only clean ingredients, and are so good. They are certified organic as well and each of them are packed full of prebiotics. (Check out this blog on why prebiotics and probiotics are important for your gut!) These pouches also have 5g of plant based protein which is important for a lot of different reasons including building and repairing cells.