Best Store-Bought Gluten-Free Treats

Craving something sweet? Here are 7 gluten-free treats you can find at your local grocery store.

Trying to find good, gluten-free desserts is no easy feat. Most desserts you’ll see at the grocery store are dry, flavorless, or let'e be honest... just straight up nasty. Not to mention, way overpriced. Since most desserts are made with gluten-containing flour, making gluten-free desserts can be tricky.

Because so many people are turning to a gluten-free lifestyle, gluten-free (and non gluten-free) companies have really stepped up their dessert game. I’d argue that there are actually a lot of gluten-free desserts that you see on the shelves that are better without gluten in them! So you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality (or taste) just because a product is gluten-free.

Before we jump into it, just wanted to give you a quick reminder. If you have Celiac Disease, remember when you’re buying products at the grocery store, always look for a certified gluten free label to lessen the risk of cross contamination. Just because a product is labeled “gluten-free” it doesn’t always mean that it’s Celiac safe.

Alright, let’s jump in. Here are 7 store bought desserts to add to your shopping list.

1. Sweet Loren’s Cookies

These are some of my favorite oven ready cookies. I love chocolate chip and sugar cookie, but all of their flavors are good. They always come out super soft and gooey. They also don’t contain eggs so they are able to be eaten raw without having to worry about the risk of food poisoning! This delicious cookie dough is also perfect if you just want one and don’t have time to bake a full batch.

2. King Arthur Gluten-Free Fudge Brownie Mix

Okay this one right here is probably my top recommendation. I will choose these brownies over literally any other brownie I’ve tried (yes, even over gluten-containing brownies). They are seriously amazing, I can’t recommend them enough.

3. Enjoy Life Brownie Bites

I’m a big brownie fan and these bite size brownies are incredible. They are allergen friendly and don’t contain any of the most common food allergies (making them safe to bring to school or work). Plus no baking required!

4. Partake cookies

We’ve shared our love for these cookies a few times but we can’t help it! They are just too good not to share. And, partake cookies come in many different flavor options.

5. Gluten-Free Ice Cream

There’s a lot of delicious gluten-free ice cream options out there including well known brands like Ben and Jerry’s! Even though ice cream should inherently be gluten-free, not all toppings are. Always check your labels!

6. Simple Mills Vanilla Cupcake/Cake mix

If you’re needing to bake a birthday cake (or cupcakes) try this mix! They also have a gluten-free/dairy free frosting that will blow your mind.

7. Goodie Girl Mint Cookies 

These taste pretty similar to the classic, Girl Scout thin mint cookies. But if thin mints aren’t your thing, Goodie Girl has a ton of other gluten-free cookie options as well you have to check out.

If you're a dessert lover like us, we want you to know that you don’t have to settle for bland, dry, tasteless gluten-free desserts. There are a lot of amazing options out there. If you found this helpful, and want to learn about some breakfast product recommendations, try reading this blog.